At Advance Dental Centre, we will outline to you the likely cost of any course of treatment which we recommend.
Good value is important in dentistry as in any other field and fees reflect the standard of treatment offered. The cost of the procedure is always supplied in advance and fees are discussed with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

NHS patient Fees

It is important to be aware that the NHS fees that we charge are set by the Scottish Government and not by the Advance Dental Centre.

Dental examinations are free, although the dentist may require to take some digital x-rays at this appointment, to help them to fully assess your
mouth. The cost of this is approximately £4.76

A detailed written estimate, showing the approximate NHS fees involved will be provided for you at the beginning of each course of dental treatment, and if there is any change to the estimate, we will inform you.

Am I entitled to receive free NHS treatment?

All UK Citizens and nationals of other qualifying countries are entitled to use NHS dental services. However, unlike GP services, there is usually a charge made for NHS dental services. The charge depends on the type of treatment provided.

You will be exempt from NHS charges if, when your treatment begins, you are:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • Aged 18 and in full time education
  • Pregnant or have had a baby in the 12 months prior to treatment starting
  • Entitled to, or named on a valid NHS tax certificate
  • Receiving or your partner is receiving income support, income based job seekers allowance or pension credit
  • Named on a valid HC2 certificate

If you hold an HC3 certificate, you may receive some help towards your dental treatment.

In some cases, you may be able to receive help with health costs. Please complete an HC1 form, either online or please call 0845 850 1166 to request one to be posted to you.

We would be very grateful if you could bring proof of your exemption with you to your dental appointment. Thank you.

Private patient fee

  • Routine Examination – £33.00
  • Initial Consultation – £37.00
  • Scale and polish – £38.00
  • Composite Fillings from  - £40.00
  • Root Canal Therapy from -  130.00
  • Porcelain Bonded Crowns from - £255.00
  • Zirconia crown from – £360.00
  • Implant Crown from  – £360.00
  • Implant Bridge (per unit) from – £350.00
  • Porcelain Veneers  from – £200.00
  • Recement Crown from - £25.00
  • Recement Bridge from – £50.00
  • Routine Extraction (per tooth) from – £50.00
  •  Surgical extraction (per tooth) from – £60.00
  • Acrylic Dentures (full upper/lower) from – £450.00
  • Partial Dentures from -  £99.00
  • Cobalt Crome Dentures from – £220.00
  • Emergency Call Out (treatment not included) – £70.00
  • Snoring night guard £189.00
  • ZOOM teeth whitening  - £199.00
  • BOTOX (the main 3 areas) – £249.00 (special offer)
  • Dermal Filler  & lip augmentation (special offer)
    • Juvederm smile       0.5ml - £199.00
    • Juvederm  Ultra 2   0.5ml - £179.00
    • Juvederm Ultra 3     1ml - £250.00
    • Juvederm Voluma    1ml - £299.00 (special offer)
    • Juvederm Volift        1ml - £250.00 (special offer)
    • Juvederm Volbella   1ml - £250.00 (special offer)